Karl-Erik Enkelmann

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Online Realtime Multiplayer Game

A backend built in Rust that lets you challenge somebody to a game of Tic Tac Toe, and play in realtime.

Source Code | Live Version


An app built with Angular and the Web Audio API that helps musicians practice polyrhythms and timing. There is a native mobile app under way, too.

Source Code | Live Version

Rust Server

The website you are looking at is being served by a handcrafted backend written in Rust using the Rocket framework. It packages the assets into a binary and serves them ultra-efficiently. It also takes care of relaying messages to me without exposing my email to the depths of the web.

Source Code

Tic Tac Toe

A classic game with handcoded SVG-graphics and animations.

Source Code | Live Version

About me

I am a web developer based in the Cologne-Bonn area in Germany. I'm currently looking for opportunities to work and learn within a motivated team and on challenging projects. My favorite programming language is currently Rust, but I also like and use TypeScript and Python, and as an Emacs user have a soft spot in my heart for Lisp. I am always learning new things, if it's not about web technologies then natural languages and music.


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